Success in the war against cancer ? 

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. But personalized treatments and immune therapies have made great impact recently.  Cancer mortality in the Western world has decreased almost by half during the past 25 years in both men and women.  More, life expectancy for most non-curable patients has more than doubled. Every individual in the oncology community can be proud for having saved at least 6 million lives during this period[1].

Undoubtedly, oncology is on the right track through the adoption of powerful molecular biology. Tissue samples play an important role in this. The study of tissue acquisition has been the scope of Bioncise NV and partners for many years by offering exquisite biopsy tools to generate high quality tissues for pathology and molecular biology.  With high quality, we mean enough tissue to perform all the necessary tests, pure to guarantee the highest specificity and fresh, to allow studies on intact cells.  Every cancer patient deserves the right and complete diagnosis before any therapy is offered.

Bioncise NV has stimulated tissue research by offering CE and FDA approved biopsy tools for safe and effective sampling even at sites that are difficult to reach for robotics and traditional surgery.  Total control over the procedure is important but the sample/needle ratio proved beyond competition as is illustrated in over 70 peer-reviewed international publications. Interventionists can now offer excellence to their patients.  While our constant research will provide you soon with new equipment, we refer in the meantime to a summary of the updated catalogue and remain, as ever, at your service.

[1] Santucci et al.  Progress in cancer mortality, incidence, and survival: a global overview.  Eur J Cancer Prev 2020