Tissue acquisition is an art that needs skills, talent, lots of experience, and the best tools.  Here are some pictures of real artists in one of the most challenging organs in the human body: the lungs and liver.  On the right, two pictures from women with nodules in the lungs.  The two procedures were taken the same afternoon.  Both ladies could leave the radiology department immediatly without any side effect.  No pain, no bleeding, no pneumothorax. In both patients the cancer could be completely characterized, including multiplatform molecular biology, histology, and treatment selection.  Also, 3 liver biopsies were performed uneventful and one procedure is shown below.  

You can become one of these top-doctors too !

We prepared for you tutorials such as presentations, "Focus On" white papers, and videos in the following pages. Just for you to get acquanted with the possibilities of the Spirotome technology.

But the real experience is to follow training in one of the most experienced centers. 

Please let us know if you are interested: just give us a call + 32 11 271557 or mail us: info@bioncise.com.

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4 easy biopsy steps with the Spirotome

The Art of Tissue Acquisition


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